Corporate Banking

Credit Bank of Iraq creates and delivers various financial services. We are targeting corporate clients; government, public and private entities, as well as other multi-national institutions operating inside Iraq. Corporate clients are treated as partners to achieve a mutually beneficial business relationship based on trust, transparency and honesty.

Each of the offered services involves the extension of credit facilities to all sectors such as trade, industrial, energy, petrochemical, commodities, automotive, financial institution, contracting, construction, telecom, transport & logistics, tourism, health care and many other sectors.

The bank offers a comprehensive range of dedicated financing solutions covering short and medium-term financing.

To learn more about our products, call our Credit Bank of Iraq Call Center 00964 7901 907 098 during working hours or 00965-2259 3680 after 3 p.m. of working days & on holidays or click here to submit an inquiry.