Visa Electron Card

The VISA Electron Card is directly linked to your Credit Bank of Iraq account, it allows you around the clock access to your funds

You can use it at home or abroad for the purchase of goods and services. The Visa Electron card also allows you to withdraw cash from any ATM machine bearing the Visa Electron logo, for a maximum amount of IQD 1,100,000 per transaction/day

The maximum daily limit of cash withdrawal is currently the equivalent of USD 750 and purchases is currently the equivalent of USD 1,500.

Terms and conditions apply.

The bank has the right to amend any of the criteria, terms and conditions without prior notice.

To learn more about our products, call our Credit Bank of Iraq Call Center 00964-7901 907 114 during working hours or 00965-2259 3680 after 3 p.m. of working days & on holidays or click here to submit an inquiry.